I hate fighting

I hate conflict

I like to be happy.

My beloved husband and I spent the majority of his day off yesterday, arguing.


Noah was following me around all morning not wanting to leave my side, 'signing' the word "milk". Now that he has learned this, that's ALL he wants,"milk," "milk," "milk!" and frankly, I'm tired....

I was at my boilling point.

We needed to go clean our old house (cringe) which we BOTH don't want to do on our day off.  It was 12:30., Noah needed a nap and the only way to get him to, was to get in the car and drive. It's the only way he falls asleep.
So, I turn around to see if my husband was getting ready to go and......
he is sitting, playing HALO!

Now, HALO, is a touchy topic. My husband feels like I hate him playing, but that's not the case. I hate him playing when I have a child screaming on my leg and a 4 year old bouncing off my arm.....

yes, THEN, I hate HALO.

So, I started to pack up tired little Noah, perfectly content with going alone. And of course, Ali jumps up, mid game, tension brews, and it was a downward spiral after that.

No wonder it looks like I am the  "Halo Hating Housewife"

The one thing I am learning to do, is to talk. Talk about what is bothering me.
It helps.
We talked, and came to conclusion that, we both are striving for the same thing. He wants to be able to play his game once and while, I want some time to myself too.

SO, who wins?

If I let him play, then I'm doing all the work, If he let's me, then he's doing all the work.
So, how do we solve this situation?
We had a routine, I get up early and do "my thing." He stays up late and "plays his game."
It was working?

I think it boils down to the fact that we really hate cleaning our old house (cringe).
It's stressing us out.

So, when my husband gets home from lunch, I am going to do some major butt-kissing and fanny pinching, if he is still mad, I will force my love on him, shower him with kisses and tease him about his hair being a mess or his long eyebrow hair that pokes out like an owl.
The thing about fighting is, their is a happy moment when your husband finally looks you in the eye after avoiding it all day and when his grumpy face turns into a smile. He takes you in his arms for a long overdue hug that says "I still love you," even though you are a crazy, nagging, Halo hating, wife.

I am going to get that hug dammit!

Wish me luck ;)

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