Thingy's that are my fav right now!

I'm very excited to announce my...dun dun dun



Shit just got real.

Here goes!

1.) Grady's Concentrated Iced Coffee- I mean. I just. I can't. Its too good. It's like having this amazingly spiced iced coffee whenever you want. The flavor is sooo good.I love everything about you, you sexy cold brewed beast you.

2.) Shower to Shower- Let me tell you, its been humid. Especially when you're driving around in your brand new 2016 Jeep that did not come equipped with air conditioning. (don't ask, damn you shiny new things and attractive car salesmens).  Ain't nobody got time for sweat. I sprinkle this little cocaine like substance all in my creases, and, well, anywhere I have skin and BAM, I'll be sweat free and smellin' like a fresh baby's bottom allllll day. The packaging kinda looks dated, so this stuff has probably been around for a long time. BUT, its new to me. I'm happy we met.

 3.) Julienne? Julianna? Julien?- Whatever it's called. It makes spaghetti out of vegetables. I never knew this thing existed. Now I do. Now my life is forever changed.

4.) Califia Coffee Creamers- Kinda like Cali, my hometown. CALI-FOR-NI-AAA Napa 4 LIFE! It's made from coconuts and almonds and even has little bits of coconut swirlin' around in there too. Mixed with my Cold Brew Sexy Beast, it's like my world has started to make sense. What's the meaning of life you say!? Oh, yes, I know, waking up to this liquidy taste of heaven in my mouth every morning. (and my kids sunshiny faces of course).

 5.) J.R Watkins Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap- This stuff is AMAZING as a body wash. I mean ALL over body wash. All up in your nooks and crannies. Leaves you smelling clean and fresh. The way we like it.

These things make me happy.

My next idea is to discover different places to travel to in Maine and surrounding states. I am OPEN for ideas. I am  looking for good hiking trails and what not. Help a girl out here! Haha

Until next time