Balls of Jingle

It's snowing.

Fa la lalalalala.....!

Its Christmas time again!!
You know.
Only the BEST time of year for those who celebrate it.
And guess what.


AND......this year I have a  new family member. A dog. My boy.


Actually, his full name is Leonidas Triton Majestic Vargonen.

You know..... like this guy................

Dear Santa. Yeah. I'll take one of him for Christmas.....thank you.

Leo is a rescue puppy.

Look at that face....

He better be cute, because he started off on my doggy death wish list by chewing up my furniture, my shoes, pooping on all of my decorative pillows, eating my VICTORIA SECRET trillion dollar bras and treating my son Noah like he was a chew toy.

But things have calmed down. (thank you sweet baby jesus)

Did I mention he was a terrible walker too???

BUT that's why they make them cute. Just like kids. So you have to forgive them. Especially when they give you that look.
(See above photo)

That damn look!

I'm such a softy for cute things.

Especially cute boys.

Like this guy.....

You're welcome.

Leo is totally getting dressed up in a Xmas sweater and getting his picture taken with Santa.
He doesn't know this yet.
He may very well attack Santa.
He may run away at the site of Jolly St. Nick.
He definitely will cause a scene.
And may even harm a small child (probably mine)
In all reality, it's not going to go well......


The thought of this picture, and the amount of excitement it brings me, is SO worth it. It probably exceeds the normal level of christmas spirit..........

I mean come on......look at how cute this is could be.............


Wish me luck.

Until next time.