The Albany State Museum hosted their annual


Last year I missed it and nearly cried.
I had been planning on going for almost a month. Then, on the day, I completely forgot and spent the day at the farm wondering what to do, only to realize AFTER it was over.

But this year.....OH YA.....

Unfortunately, I recently discovered I am lactose intolerant.

Did that stifle my excitement?????


Okay, yes, a little. we were walking around admiring the booths, I noticed one had a sign for organic chocolate, but I kept walking because we were in a group and the group was moving, and I didn't want to be bias to only "organic" chocolate, plus, what was I going to eat anyway?  Most of it has milk.

I just couldn't shake the erge to check out the organ-booth, so I casually strolled over.

Thank JesusMohammedAbrahamAndMoses  I DID.

Not only was the chocolate organic, it was VEGAN and KOSHER! (well, the marshmallows).
They make marshmallows out of pork bone gelatin, which mean most of the marshmallows out there are off limits to us.


I almost past out, I got extremely social awkward with the chocolate maker guy (because I do that when I get super excited, I start rambling and shouting out things that don't make sense) like "wow, this is vegan it taste like milk juicy" or " I know VEGANS!" or " I can't believe this is kosher marshmallow, that's really like, non-kosher marshmallow-y without the kosh," or " Milk gives me gas, but not with these!"

I had to cradle my chocolate and walk away slowly before the guy called the mental institution or I bought out the whole booth.

Either way, I am super excited and it taste SO GOOD!
It's also half gone.


  1. Amber- Funny, Funny, Funny!! And guess what? I, too, have just sworn off Lactose, along with ALL the other things I have to avoid. That gassy, crampy, bloaty business is NO GOOD and NO FUN!! Thanks for your humor! (Do you know about any lactose-free yogurt, by any chance????)

  2. Unfortunately no...Soy Yogurt should not be considered edible, so don't waste your money on that stuff. :)

  3. Thanks, Amber! Actually, I wouldn't buy it anyway because I can't have soy either..... (I never liked anything made with soy, so I don't feel very bad....)

  4. Amber - This is so charming! Each blog entry I've read is filled with sweetness, with life-lessons and humor, and all done with that wonderful touch of curiousity and surprise and delight that makes me want to read more blog posts. Thank you! Carol (Janan)