Well Done

Unda pressure! dun dun dun dun dun....dun dun.

I'm 34.

*crickets chirping*

I know.

Why does this seem so old to me?

This recent birthday has really opened my eyes......what have I done?

Have I accomplished what I want in life?
Where did these wrinkles come from?!
Why is it getting harder to get out of bed!?!
Do I need to start wearing makeup for "mature" skin!?!?
Am I considered a "seasoned" woman!?!?!?
When does arthritis start to kick in????????????

I don't even get ID'd for alcohol anymore. Not even at the grocery store.
That's when you KNOW you are lookin' old.
That cashier is willing to risk their own job, possible even being fined, because they feel 100% confident I look WELL over the legal age limit. FML.

Definitely a seasoned woman.

Definitely those damn wrinkles.

I've talked a lot about going on vacations for the past four years.......have I? Nope.
I still have a mountain of paid vacation time just chillen' waiting to be taken. Have I taken it? Nope.

Would I much rather drink locally, eat out at a mediocre three and a half star restaurant only to watch Netflix and pass out by 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night.....?
Hell yea.

I'm feelin' the pressure.
Or maybe it's excitement.
Or anxiety?
Not sure.

Could be an undiagnosed health condition too.

BUT I really have been evaluating my life.

I even drink whiskey now?!?

Cheers to my fellow middle aged women!

Until next time.


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