Discoveries- my favorite things right neow~

Oh boy.
These things get me SO excited!

I have discovered some pretty amazing things lately..

Mostly food. I love food.

Here goes.

1.) Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza - Dear Lord. Thank you. Do you know how hard it has been to find a GOOD dairy free pizza!? The struggles are real.  There is nothing more bland and disappointing than trying out a pizza with imitation cheese. I'll pass, thanks. Not only does it taste terrible, the ingredients are usually twice as bad. BUT THIS, oh shit yea. Definitely, a MUST TRY.  You can find this in most grocery stores in the freezer isle. It's amazing.

2.) Loreal Magic Lumi Primer- For us cold weather folks. Lets face it. This 15 degree weather is not helping anyone's skin out.  When you walk out to your car and the cold hits your face like a bag of solid ice, you KNOW your skin is looking just as dry and flakey as your poor shrivel up moisture restricted hands are. Put this baby on as a primer before your foundation, mix it in with your face moisturizer or add it straight into your foundation and BAM!, you'll look like the sparkling lil ray of sunshine you are. Who doesn't like sparking things!? You can get this at most drug stores.


3.) Nuttin Ordinary Ravioli's- Ohhhhhhhhhhh my gawd. I died and went to heaven with this. This is something my kids and I LOVE. You would never know the difference. These handmade ravioli's are filled with a mixture of cashew and other spices. This is the best thing I've ever had. Teamed up with fresh garlic bread, mmm. You may need some stretchy pants after these babies. I found these at Whole Foods Market, if you are not close to one, check out their website. I am not sure if they even ship items out, but this is definitely something to try if you live in the New England area.

 4.) Vegan Parmesan- This was something that ties into the above. Sprinkling this godsend on top of your warm, cheesy-ish raviolis. GOOD LAWD.  It has a slight crunch to it, so it makes it an even better consistency than parmesan. If I had to choose between this, and a day assigned to oil up the muscles of Ryan Reynolds for a photo shoot. I'd pick this. This recipe came from the Minimalist Baker. She has an excellent website filled with great healthy recipes that I love. It is SO simple to make. Which is what her website is all about. Simplicity. Check it out!- Just kidding about that Ryan Reynolds comment. Haha. Call me...............maybe?


5.) Ipsy Bags- This isn't really a new one for me. I've been subscribed to Ipsy for over a year now. I am due to get my bag in a few days and was just thinking of how excited I am.  You only pay $10.00 a month. What you get, is a magical pinkish bubbly wrapped surprise bag and inside this magical surprise bag, is a bunch of different surprise makeups, brushes, primers, eye shadows, nail polish, you name it ! Even the cute bag changes each month.  This is something my daughter and I literally scream out loud for when it arrives. I am counting down the seconds until its arrival. You can sign up here or check em out at...

I guess that's all for now. I realized I love food a lot. Haha.
*A little disclaimer- I eat a pretty consistent plant based diet, so most of these food items are going to be vegan-ish. 
Until next time.

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