Going on a treasure hunt!

It's been a crazy summer. Crazy good and, well,........crazy.

My husband and I are moving....not just to another town. Another state.
What state may you ask?


From New York.


Things have been going smooth. We got the only apartment we could afford and Sarah into the school we desired. My parents are excited and the beach is always open.

But by far, the hardest part about this, is leaving our family, and the friends we have made here.

My daughter was all ready to go to school, riding the bus with our neighbor boys.  Last night the parents explained how the youngest, Michael, was groveling to his pediatrician  how sad it was that Sarah is moving.


This move is getting harder and harder and we haven't even reached the countdown.

My husband is training his replacement at work!? Whaat?!  He told me this Friday his name will be written on a schedule in another store, in another state.............crazy!

My last day of work is next week.

The time is going by too fast. All our family and friends are surfacing, letting us know how much we will be missed..........well.....the kids really. My heart is being anchored.

I remember these emotions. The feeling of sadness and last minute heartbreak. But good always comes out of it. You will always have these friends in your life, and had the pleasure of meeting them.
I miss my family and friends in California, I know if I ever went back, they would be there. Even though we may not talk as often on the phone or email.
No friend/family is forgotten.

The love is always there.

oh, and we haven't even started packing yet.