On one condition.

The divorce rate in America is 50%.

That's half!

What. The.

Half of these amazing wedding I see. With all these amazing looking couples.
Just end. Over. Done. Split-so.

I see a lot of weddings. I run a photo booth. It comes with the territory. Its amazing!

Everyone seems SO in love. I mean, my heart gushes almost every time I go.
I always think to myself, now this couple, this couple is DEFINITLEY going to make it.

We all know, half the guests are probably thinking the same thing............

Will they make it?

Has marriage become a sentence doomed for failure?
Well, statistically, it kinda is.
Hey. I fall into that %.

What is it?!

Do we love people nowadays with too many conditions? For example. You have to fit a certain mold in order for me to remain interested? Attractions is huge! But why does it never last and how do we move past the funk of stale intimacy? Leave? Aren't we just going to end up stale again in another relationship again?

Do two people really "grow" apart?

I don't know.

All I know is I wish the best for every couple.

Temptation is huge I think too.

I have heard sooooo many married couples say they have unhappy significant others at home.

Like, what!?

I mean........

What made the love evaporate.
What happened after that wonderfully great wedding day you two had?

Maybe its appreciation? People don't feel appreciated.

Or it could be that people perceive themselves to be something they are not and once they get comfortable, BAM. You are locked in for liffffffe haha

I was really saddened by those statistics.

Why does it seem so hard?

Until next time~



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