Fo' Real

and they lived happily ever after.........

That seems to be the story right? Every girly, Disney movie seems to follow those guidlines. Are we setting our kids up for dissapointment?

It all started after I decided to have a movie night with Sarah. Now, I usually turn on a movie for her while I clean and do other things.
This time, I decided to sit down and watch Thumbelina with her.
If you haven't heard the story, the mother desperately wants a child, so, she wished on a flower and out popped a girl. But, she was the size of a walnut.
Kinda messed up right?
Why not magically give her a normal sized girl?
Cruel joke.
ANYWAYS, she is desperate to find someone her "size." So much so, she is going into a depression and starts singing and dancing with herself. Suddenly a fairy prince flies by, sneaks in through her window, hears her sing, sings back, they go for a ride on a bee, and BAM, they are in love.
20 minutes is all it took.
I turned to Sarah and said, "honey, that is not the way life is...first of all, you don't let some strange guy in your window and start singing with him, you yell for HELP or call 911.
Second, you don't get on a bee with some strange guy who is wearing tights and carrying a weapon. And Third, they are not in love honey, not at 16, they are just confused."

She wasn't listening.

After they say their very dramatic farewells for the night, she gets kidnapped. Then for the rest of the movie she is seeking home (her mother), and the prince, who she plans to MARRY as soon as they are together again?!?
Come onnnnnnn.

I look over and Sarah's little face is lit up.
Will she anticipate a "prince" coming to pick her up and drive her around in his Toyota and sing to her about her beauty? I hope not.
What happens after Princess Jasmine and Aladdin have a kid? What are they going to sing about at 2:00 a.m in the morning when the baby is screaming and needs to be changed and fed???? I hardly think Cinderella would be singing her way through childbirth either.

We need realism.

Ariel 5, The Secrets.- Ariel finds out she has a half sister after discovering about her fathers affairs, 19 years ago. Watch as she magically transforms back into a mermaid, swims unda the sea in search of her long lost sister.  After she discovers her father's skanky past, she falls into a depdepresn. Lost and confused, this leads her to drink a lot, then she wind up in the arms of another man, Sebastian. Will she confess, or will she keep it a secret from Prince Eric?

Now THAT'S a story.

Okay, maybe not....


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